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Feature Friday Vol. 7: vSa

Jun 23, 2017

Our feature this week is one of our CS captain, Huan "vSa" Xu! As a passionate CS player, he shares what it takes to be the best! The CS roster recently placed 1st in CEVO Main and 3rd in the Fragadelphia Online Tournament. They will be competing at Fragadelphia in July as their first LAN event as a team.

We hope you enjoy the Q&A segment! If you have any questions that you would like asked in Feature Friday Q&A's email us at or tweet them that at us @TheRiseNation! #WeRise

vSa's Social Media:

Q&A General Questions:

Most memorable moment?
Winning Fragadelphia 8 with BMC

Favorite teammate?
Brandon "Ace" Winn

What advice would you give to people trying to enter the scene?
Stay hungry and ignore outside noises.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Holding a major trophy

What are the responsibilities of representing an org?
Spread the brand in a smart way

What do your family think about you gaming professionally?
Lack of knowledge about gaming scene can cause obstacles

What career would they have chosen if they didn’t become a pro player?
Computer scientist.

When was the first time you competed as a pro? How was that experience?
16, very enjoyable because we made it to the top by ourselves without handouts.

Are there other games you're interested in doing competitive with?
League of Legends

If you were to retire today, what would be your next step?
Pursue another career in the competitive scene / go back to normal 9-5.

Has gaming evolved into a chore for you or is it still fun getting on every day?
I wouldn't be gaming if this is not fun for me anymore.

What do you do when you're not playing video games?
School and hanging out with friends.

What’s something you want to accomplish in your life?
Become the best at what I do.

How do you prepare as a team when it comes to big LAN events?
Review opponents tendencies/boot camp

Do you like traveling to different countries and states to attend events?

Best event?
Any major.

How do you manage to have such a big fan base?
Show love.

How do you interact with your fans?
Streaming and giveaways

When you switch up teammates does it affect friendships?
It does if the person takes it personally, I don't hold grudges, there's always a reason when someone's cut.


How does it feel to be a captain of an eSports team?
Challenging but fulfilling at the same time, I learned to take responsibilities.

Does playing the same game get boring and if so why?
No, it doesn't I've been playing CS:GO for more than half of my life.

What other games have you been a professional player in?
Just CS

How long do you practice for?
4 hours daily, Sunday - Thursday

Do you enjoy rivalries?
Yes because it pushes you to the next level.

CS:GO Questions:

How does it feel playing players from all nationalities?
Nothing special, just another opponent.

What is your favorite weapon in CS:GO?

What makes a “good” player in your eyes?
Solid individual skills, good comms, situational awareness.

Do you have any tips for young players wanting to go pro?
Talent does not take you anywhere without hard work, you don't see Kobe slacking.

What’s your favorite skin?
Karambit gamma doppler 

- What major LAN events have you attended?
Only minors, Fragadelphia, LAN ETS 

Do you feel CS is going in the right direction when it comes to eSports?
It has been going in the right direction, but I don't agree with valves decisions about updating some of the mechanics of the game. 

When did you start playing CS?
When I was 8 y/o.

What is your opinion on betting in CS?
Don't do it unless it's for fun.

What is your favorite map and why?
de_any, because as igl (in-game leader) I have to know all the maps in and out.

Best team you’ve played on?
Bee's Money Crew

How many teams have you been a part of?
12 on record

What are the major differences between LAN and Online?
Pressure & environment

Why do professionals play with black bars on the sides?
Used to 4:3.

Does playing in front of a crowd affect your gameplay?
Yes, I am more focused.

How do you prepare for important matches?
Review notes, stay calm, get my team on the same page and in the right mindset.

We hope you enjoyed this Q&A from Huan "vSa" Xu! Stay tuned for next Friday to see who we do our next feature on! If you have suggestions on who you want to see our next feature on, send us a tweet or email! Make sure you follow all of our social media accounts to stay connected on everything Rise Nation: TwitterFacebookInstagram, and YouTube. #RiseWithUs


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