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MenaRD Joins Rise FGC

May 03, 2017

MenaRD Joins Rise FGC
Written By: David “DeeJay” Goldman (@DJxGoldman)

Less than two months after entering the Fighting Game Community, Rise Nation has added another Street Fighter player to their roster with the addition of MenaRD.

Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Saul “MenaRD” Mena is the #1 ranked SFV player in all of Latin America. Although he joined the competitive scene during Ultra Street Fighter IV, MenaRD began making a name for himself at the start of the 2017 SFV season. One of his most notable accomplishments to this point was placing 2nd at the North East Championship against top tier players such as Echo Fox’s Justin Wong and Evil Genius’ K-Brad.

After receiving multiple offers to join other eSport organizations, MenaRD decided to join Rise Nation because, in his words, “this is an organization I can trust and I’ve heard nothing but great things about the management and fans alike.” He also added that it would give him an opportunity to travel to the United States more often and compete against the game’s elite players. When asked about what the future holds, MenaRD responded by saying, “I’ve been serious about SFV for awhile, but now that I have not only a country to represent but also an amazing organization, I won’t stop until I make both of them proud.” 

“We are glad to have him as apart of our organization”, says Rise Nation co-owner Kahreem Horsley. “Myself and Rodger [Saffold] see a lot of potential in MenaRD and jumped on the opportunity to add him to Rise. We believe that with our reach and resources, we can help him accomplish great things."

MenaRD will be making his debut as a member of Rise Nation during the Red Bull Proving Ground, which takes place from May 4th-5th. He will also be participating in the Combo Breaker tournament presented by the Capcom Pro Tour at the end of this month. Be sure to follow MenaRD and Rise Nation on both Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on everything Rise FGC!


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